April tells Bianca how it is

Bianca has to deal with the consequences of the night before. What was she doing sneaking out of the Formal and kissing Liam when she’s an engaged woman? Joanna tells her to forget Liam and make a future with Vittorio.

Bianca listens to her mum and tells Liam that it was a mistake. She’s going to marry Vittorio. April believes that she can still get through to her sister and convince her to call off her wedding. She knows something happened with Liam last night. But Bianca won’t listen, and April decides she cannot be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

Charlie is regretting having such a go at Ruby for sneaking out and going to the Formal behind her back. She tries to talk things over with Ruby and mend the relationship with her daughter. But Ruby’s having none of it – she wants a break from everything that’s happened in the Bay lately and decides to visit Ross and Morag, to put some space between her and Charlie. Charlie makes a heartfelt plea to Ruby to stay. At the bus stop, as she sits and waits for the bus, Ruby changes her mind and decides to stay.

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