April asks Carly Hope to be her mum!

On April's birthday, the little girl makes a touching request to Carly Hope…

It’s April’s birthday and doting dad Marlon is fussing over her. But despite his efforts, all April wants is for Carly Hope to come to her party. Carly melts when April tells her she’d love her to become her ‘new mum’. Will the little girl’s words heal the rift between Marlon and Carly?

With his marriage in free-fall, Cain asks Moira to meet him to talk. But he gets a huge, horrible shock when Moira drops a bombshell on him during their chat.

David finds himself in the middle of a messy cat fight when Vanessa and Tracy come to blows over the wedding.

Elsewhere, will Andy find out he’s been set up by his girlfriend Chrissie?