April’s back!

April has returned to Summer Bay, just in time to see Xavier kissing a new girl, Summer. Though Xavier attempts to patch things up with April, she seems distant. Irene offers to have April stay with her but Bianca is keen to have April stay with her and Liam. Unsure of where she should go and where she’s really wanted, April decides to try staying with Bianca and Liam.

Irene is at the end of her tether. Lily is sick and Will is constantly drinking. She tells Will that Lily has been hiding her illness from him, and that he needs to start doing what is right for his daughter. Will starts spending time with Lily, who reveals she is very concerned for her father.

Robertson comes by to check on Lily, who’s his key witness in the murder case. Morag arrives at the same time as him. Morag tells Will that she intends to place his daughter on the witness stand, which causes Will to worry even more. The consequences of his actions are becoming more and more serious for his family. Will finally decides to leave Summer Bay – stopping only to reveal to Morag that he lied in his statement to the police.

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