April’s confused over Dex’s behaviour

Dex and April have made up but it still seems that everything April does is wrong. She makes him an orientation chart to aid his development but his lack of response has April wondering whether she’s upset him. Later, as April helps him with his exercises, things between them seem to have improved but, when he spills his food, an embarrassed Dex tells her to leave again.

Harvey thinks that Roo is acting strangely and Alf suggests it’s probably because she’s given up a great career opportunity. Later, he tells Roo that he understands the sacrifice she’s made for their relationship but she has to admit she hasn’t quit the job – she’s still working with Tim. Now Harvey doesn’t know if he can trust her and is even more concerned about her feelings for her ex.

And Casey tries to make amends with Heath, though his first attempts are strongly rejected. Bianca urges Casey not to give up and when he tries again, Heath confesses he’s upset that Danny didn’t care enough to include him in his life. With this off his chest, Heath and Casey agree that the best way to deal with their father’s death is to stick together.