Dex is forced to drive to the hospital to treat April’s snakebite and Sid administers anti-venom. Bianca blames Dex for her sister’s predicament. Sid is angry the ambulance didn’t show up, but he soon finds out that they were given the wrong address by a frazzled Dex, who is devastated. Marilyn tells Dex that he was April’s hero, but Dex feels like a liability. Everyone is dismayed when April has a violent allergic reaction to the anti-venom.

Natalie reveals that she’s never really dealt with her feelings for Brax. She and Zac decide to get their friendship back on track, but when Zac broaches the touchy subject of Natalie’s mum, she shuts him down. Zac tracks down Natalie’s missing mother, and tells Natalie her mother is alive.

As Bianca and Heath leave for the hospital to visit April, Darcy shows up at their front door. She’s run away from home. They contact Connie, who is upset, believing that Heath has Bianca and his brothers, and all she has is the memory of her dead daughter.

Connie unfairly blames Heath for Darcy running away, but Heath tells her he’s not going to give up when it comes to his daughter. Touched by Heath’s words, Connie agrees to put Heath’s name on Darcy’s birth certificate.