April’s plotting continues

Liam has been secured as a chaperone for the Formal and so has Bianca – on the condition that Vittorio is also included. April and Xavier try to convince John to organise a buck’s party for Vittorio on the same night as the Formal, which will leave Liam alone with Bianca.

As the wedding draws closer, April is determined to make Bianca confess that she loves Liam and not Vittorio. Liam has a few nasty words with Bianca and as a result, pulls the plug on his involvement with the Formal. April is devastated. Will she ever get Liam and Bianca together?

Gina and Roo are trying to sort out the best way to get Hugo’s money to him and Martha. In the end, Gina decides that she needs to enlist John’s help, as shifting that sort of money is way outside of their expertise.

Will continues to struggle with Lily. The situation is made worse when Robertson tries to interrogate Will about Penn’s murder. Confiding in VJ, Lily mentions how bad things have been getting with her dad.

VJ is also struggling with not being able to stay in contact with Elijah. They decide to run away and visit Elijah in Africa.

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