April kicks off Dex’s morning with a surprise breakfast in the farm. However, the frivolity is ruined when April is bitten by a snake. April’s immediately woozy, and Dex is concerned the snake was poisonous. He calls an ambulance, but it does not arrive. When she can no longer remain conscious, Dex has no choice but to get April in the car, knowing full well he’s not legally able to drive. He suffers flashbacks of his accident and is paralysed by fear.

John asks Sid to visit an ‘ailing’ Marilyn and she’s mortified when Sid appears for an impromptu check-up. Feeing guilty, Marilyn confesses to John that she lied, and is about to tell John the truth about her feelings when Roo rescues her.

Heath’s angry with Connie for taking Darcy away. Alone with Bianca, Connie explains she came back because Ricky called. Darcy and Heath enjoy their time together, though Heath realises Connie doesn’t trust him. Connie’s willing to consent to Heath having his name on Darcy’s birth certificate, but he must promise never to apply for full custody. Heath refuses.

Indi clocks that something’s up between Natalie and Zac. Later, he apologises for his behaviour and asks Indi what the fascination is with the Braxtons. She’s the wrong girl to ask – she’s never dated a Braxton and Zac is relieved.