It’s not been long since the shock death of her mum, Donna, and April is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact her mum is gone. So when April’s dad, Marlon, and partner, Laurel, decide to throw a Halloween party for Laurel’s excited son, Arthur, April gets spooked and freaks out at the party! After cancelling the event, Marlon has mixed feelings when Laurel suggests April may need professional help to come to terms with her loss.

Meanwhile, Finn is thrilled big brother Ross is back in the village. But Ross is still haunted by the memories of his doomed affair with Donna, and admits to Finn he’s ready to do a runner again! Can Finn find a way to help Ross deal with all the drama and stick around?

Elsewhere, the King’s marriage is being put to the test by baby Carl. Nicola isn’t happy to see her sperm donor husband Jimmy bonding with the baby. But it looks like Carl isn’t going anywhere. Will feisty Nicola have a change of heart and accept the child?