Arabia with Levison Wood – Discovery

Intrepid explorer Levison Wood immerses himself in the cultures of some of the world’s most dangerous countries in Arabia with Levison Wood on Discovery

Explorer and ex-soldier Levison Wood (pictured above) begins his 5,000-mile journey around the Arabian Peninsula, travelling through 13 of some of the most complex and dangerous countries in the world in new five-part series Arabia with Levison Wood.

After crossing a very tense border from Kurdistan into Iraq, Levison sees the frontline battle against IS for himself.

Levison travels to some of the most dangerous countries in the world

He goes out with a group of volunteer soldiers as they clear villages of the extremists.

He also sees the devastated city of Mosul, hears about the horror war has brought to everyday Iraqis and senses the intense ever-present danger in a region where unexploded bombs and suicide bombers are still a real and regular threat. 

TV Times rating: *****