Aran dumps Jas!

Aran turns up at the surgery and invites Jas out for dinner that evening. She’s hesitant and, sensing her reluctance, he asks her if she wants to call the whole thing off. Feeling guilty about messing him around, Jas insists she doesn’t and they spend an awkward evening together in a bad restaurant. At the end of the meal, Aran suggests drinks and although Jas agrees to go it’s clear she’d rather go home.

At the Icon Bar, as Jas struggles to find any enthusiasm for going to the cinema, Aran makes a decision and, to test her commitment, he suggests sex. Jas is quick to say she has to be up early the next morning and so Aran gets up and suggests they call it a day. Jas insists she does want to be with him, but Aran is no fool and suggests that she’s only with him because she’s scared of being alone. He loves her, but she doesn’t love him and he deserves better – he’s leaving her because she hasn’t got the guts to leave him.

Also, Rob and DCI Driver go undercover to try and make contact with their target, while Chris attempts to cheer up Mandy.