Archie accuses Lydia of murder!

Archie persuades Kris that Lydia killed Sarah. He visits Zoe telling her Lydia’s pretty much confessed, but when Zoe tells the Prison chaplin that Archie is going to get her out he pours cold water on her hopes. Meanwhile, Archie goes to see DI Fletcher with his news but leaves feeling embarrassed and angry. Later, Archie bursts in to Sarah’s wake and accuses Lydia of murder in front of everyone.

Lydia’s about to confess to Mike when Amy arrives at the church. It’s Lydia’s turn to say a few words during the service, but she imagines seeing Archie coming to get her – and bolts. Amy finds Lydia and persuades her to come back inside, but as she tries again Archie bursts through the door.

Steph doesn’t want to go to the funeral but Gilly asks her to come along and Elliot is persuaded by Kris to attend. After the service a regretful Nancy makes it up with Hannah.

Also, Amy feels bad for not being able to say goodbye to Sarah, but is comforted by her dad. Mike warns Ste that Amy needs space, but when Ste tells Amy he’s glad the kids have got their mum back, she feels hemmed in.

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