Archie agrees to Janine’s plan

Archie dismisses Janine‘s idea of setting fire to the Vic. Janine insists they can make it look like an inside job so the insurance company will refuse a claim and Peggy will have to sell. Later, Archie visits Janine and hands her a box of matches and hints that they can pin the fire on Billy.

Jay is horrified that Lucy has been knocked out and takes her home. Lucy didn’t see Jay mugging her and thinks he’s her hero. A guilty Jay dumps Lucy’s phone in the bin. Masood finds the phone and hands it to Ian after hearing about the mugging. Meanwhile, Christian looks through the Masoods’ post for Syed and discovers a malicious card sent to Zainab. An angry Christian calls the blackmailer’s number, but is confused when Ian answers the phone.

Denise is miffed that Owen is still in Walford. Denise argues with Liz about Owen and Liz blurts out that Lucas beat Owen up. Denise refuses to believe that Owen’s bruises were caused by Lucas, but Lucas admits that Owen was winding him up. Denise is devastated and forces him to apologise to Owen.

Also, Peggy feels betrayed when she discovers that Billy has moved in with Archie.

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