Archie bribes Joel to disappear

Ronnie is furious when she finds out that Jack has sold the car lot to Archie. Jack gives Ronnie a cheque for her half of the club and reveals he had to sell the car lot to raise the cash. Later, Archie sees Joel outside the Vic and offers him money to leave Ronnie alone. When Joel refuses Archie tells him that he know he has a wife and children. Joel takes the money and leaves.

Bianca is jealous of Ricky’s date with Roxy and bullies a terrified Dr Al into meeting her for a drink at the Vic. Ricky is annoyed when Bianca turns up with Dr Al while he’s on his date with Roxy and he challenges them to a game of darts. Roxy and Dr Al soon realise that Ricky and Bianca are more interested in each other than their dates.

Denise is horrified when she discovers that Liz has moved in with Dot and tells Liz to leave the Square. Libby invites Dot and Liz for dinner and Denise makes Liz’s curry extra hot. Liz tells Denise she knows what she’s up to, but she won’t be put off from seeing her granddaughter.

Also, Charlie is unharmed and decides to leave the Square with Brenda.

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