Archie discovers Danielle’s secret

Danielle gives an angry Ronnie the slip and decides to leave Walford. Danielle burns a recent photo of Ronnie and puts her locket on. Danielle bumps into Roxy and tells her she shouldn’t let Ronnie run her life. Roxy decides to go to the club and get Jack’s replacement credit card back.

Meanwhile, Archie and Ronnie are in the Vic and they have a heart-to-heart. Ronnie goes to the club to get some champagne to toast Archie and Peggy‘s wedding and is surprised to find Roxy in the club office. Meanwhile, Danielle goes to the Vic to talk to Ronnie, but finds Archie on his own. Archie sees Danielle’s locket and recognises it…

Chelsea is nervous when Theo turns up for dinner with her family. At the table, Theo tells them all that the book he’s researching about the riots is important for young black people to know their history. After dinner, Denise sends the men off to the Vic to bond and Patrick finally gives in and agrees to help Theo with his book.

Also, Billy meets up with Jay and asks him to come home with him; Max gets a date with a woman called Polly; Peggy defies Archie to continue with her election campaign.

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