Archie suggests to Jack that he gets Sam to run away with him so that Phil will lose the bail money. Jack invites Sam out, but she reveals she’s been invited to Janine’s birthday drinks. Jack talks Sam round and they end up in bed. Ricky calls Sam, but she ignores her phone.

Janine gets a mystery card on her birthday. Ryan looks at the card and is surprised to find it’s from Archie. Janine flirts with Archie and tells him she still wants in on the plans to get hold of the Vic. Archie cryptically tells her she may be pleasantly surprised by her birthday present. Janine and Ryan challenge each other to sleep with Archie and Ronnie, but it’s clear they have the hots for each other. Ryan flirts with Ronnie in the Vic, but she warns him to steer well clear of her.

Syed is in the cafe with Christian discussing the mystery texts. Lucy fiddles with her phone and Syed receives another message. Lucy looks on mischievously. Later, Syed tells Christian that he got a blackmail text demanding £300, but he follows Christian’s advice and calls the sender’s bluff.

Also, Libby tells Denise she’s grateful she’s given Owen a second chance.

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