Roxy’s back from Spain but Phil and Peggy don’t tell her that Sam’s hiding in Peggy’s bedroom as they’re worried she’ll let slip to Archie. Sam sneaks out to meet Ricky and they share a kiss which is seen by Phil. He warns Ricky to keep Sam’s return a secret. Phil’s brief Ritchie advises Phil that he and Peggy could get done for assisting an offender and Phil tells Sam that she must return to Brazil. Roxy finds out that Sam is back and is hurt that she wasn’t told and blurts out the news to Archie.

Bianca confesses to Whitney that she didn’t tell Ricky her feelings because Sam is back and hiding out in the Vic. Whitney suggests turning Sam in to get rid of the problem but Bianca tells Whitney that she wants to win Ricky fairly.

Lucas is frantic when he realises that Trina’s bracelet is missing. Masood discovers the bracelet under a table and asks Lucas if he dropped a bracelet. When Lucas goes to the Masoods to collect the bracelet it seems it’s accidentally gone into a box of jumble for the mosque. Meanwhile, Syed has found the bracelet in the jumble and gives it to Amira.

Also, Chelsea wins two thousand pounds on a scratch card.

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