Archie gets his kit off!

Archie asks Kris to photograph him for his ‘billboard’ poster for Sarah and is insensitive to a watching Zoe, who flees the room. Archie puts the finishing touches to his poster, while Kris apologises to Zoe for not supporting her. Zoe and Kris take revenge on Archie by sabotaging the poster and Archie is made to look a fool in front of Sarah, although at least it makes her smile.

Calvin is waiting to hear about his promotion and later he drops in to see Warren and confesses that it didn’t happen. Calvin explains that Carmel was convinced he would get the job and he’s worried about telling her he missed out. Needing the money, Calvin suggests he help out Warren with some dodgy jobs.

Ste is taken aback when Pauline confronts him in Il Gnosh but Dom persuades him to hear her out. Pauline makes a seemingly heartfelt apology to both Ste and Amy, who has been dragged in from the street and Amy backs down and agrees to let Ste see Leah and the new baby. But Pauline ruins things for Ste when she steals from the Il Gnosh till and Dom sacks him.

Also, Ravi and Kris are nearly caught in the act by Warren.

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