Peggy confesses to Pat that she’s seeing Archie again. Max brings round loss adjustor Ray to check out the fire damage at the Vic. Max informs Peggy that he can’t pay up as Ray thinks the fire was an inside job. Later, Max slips Ray his half of the cut for cancelling the claim on Max’s behalf. Peggy tells Archie that she can’t risk hurting her family and they can’t be together. Peggy is stunned when Archie tells her his cancer has returned and he’s dying…

Denise avoids a meeting with Lucas and the pastor to talk about the wedding. Denise confesses to Patrick that she’s troubled by Owen’s relationship with Ronnie. Owen sees that Denise is upset and asks her whether she really wants to marry Lucas but she refuses to answer.

Tanya agrees to do a home call for Ian for a beauty treatment and she’s sympathetic when Ian talks about losing Jane. Ian offers to have a word with a friend on the council about getting Trina’s tree approved for Abi and Jordan. Tanya pops round to discuss the tree and is shocked when Ian tries to kiss her!

Also, Jack accuses Roxy of using him as a cash cow; Christian convinces Lucy that Syed didn’t mug her.

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