Archie is bundled into a van

Max tries to bribe Stacey to turn up for Lauren’s court case. Tanya is angry when she finds out, but she visits Stacey and tells her that she wants her to go to court and say what her conscience tells her. Stacey tells the court that she can’t be sure about whether Lauren deliberately tried to run down or not. Lauren is last to testify and Tanya and Max wait for the verdict.

Janine begs Ronnie’s forgiveness for killing Danielle. Janine persuades Archie to stay in Albert Square when he tells her he’s leaving. Janine tries to kiss Archie and he is furious and decides to leave as planned. On the way to the station, Archie is grabbed by a man in a balaclava, who pushes him into a van…

Patrick finally learns the truth about the mysterious Tommy Clifford. Patrick meets Tommy for a drink and tells Tommy that he was once engaged to a woman called Ruth who was killed in an arson attack. Patrick is stunned when Tommy confesses the reason he tracked him down was to confess – he started the fire that killed Ruth.

Also, Libby discovers that Theo lied about doing a law degree; Jean tells Charlie that Mo saw Brenda with another woman.

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