It’s Christmas Day in Walford and the Mitchells are scattered around the Square. Ronnie is in hospital and Jack is furious when Archie visits and upsets her. Archie organises a Christmas treasure hunt for Janine, but the ‘prize’ is a one-way ticket to Poland. Archie reveals he’s been using her and he throws her out. Jack violently warns Archie to stay away from Ronnie. Meanwhile, Ronnie discharges herself from hospital and then confronts her father. Peggy visits Archie and is stunned when Archie threatens to sell the Vic for flats unless she comes back to him.

Ian is horrified when Archie hints that he’s sent Jane a recording of Ian sleeping with Janine. Ian breaks into the Vic, but Archie finds him and reveals the recording is on his laptop. Meanwhile, Stacey’s in a strange mood. Bradley is stunned when she reveals she’s pregnant but it’s not what he thinks… Stacey reveals that she’s three months gone and she reveals that she was raped by Archie. A devastated Bradley confronts Archie and punches him. Janine heads to the car lot and picks up a knife while a drunk Phil is picking up a crowbar from the Arches. Archie is confronted by a mystery assailant, who deals him a blow to the head with the Queen Vic bust…

Ricky enjoys Christmas lunch with Bianca and the family. Ricky is stunned when Bianca declares that she’s in love with him and asks her to marry him. But before he can answer they’re interrupted… by Sam! Bianca is gutted, but Ricky tells Sam that he wants nothing to do to her. At the carol service in the Square Ricky tells Bianca that he wants to marry her.

Also, Max feels guilty that Abi is spending Christmas without Tanya, Lauren and Oscar and he calls Tanya and she comes to the Square to take her away with them for good.