Archie plans to get shot of Sean

Archie opens a letter addressed to Sean with details of the flat Sean is renting in Essex. Sean announces to the gathered family that he and Roxy are moving out and a devious Archie proposes a toast. Archie secretly calls Suzy and hands her a copy of Amy’s paternity test and asks her to break the news to Sean and make it as painful as possible…

Jane has thrown Ian out of the house and he’s at Dot’s. Ian watches old video footage of the family and is left thoughtful when Dot reminds him that Christmas is about family. Ian apologises to Jane and confesses he’s been eaten up with worry over providing for the family. Ian is happy when Jane asks him to move back in.

Heather feels lonely at Christmas when she doesn’t even get a present from her mum and she flirts with a terrified Ricky. Billy cheerfully tells Heather that there’s someone special for her somewhere, but he’s horrified when she leans over the bar and grabs him for a snog! Heather is happy when Masood finally delivers a present from her mum.

Also, Suzy brushes off Phil’s concerns about her ‘miscarriage’; Aunt Sal arrives for Christmas and tells Ronnie she’s worried about Peggy marrying Archie.

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