Archie pleads for his life

In the Arches, Archie sits blindfolded with his wrists and hands tied. He begs to be let free, but Phil turns on a blow torch telling him that he’s going to kill him. Archie tells Phil he’s sorry and says he can have all his money, but Phil tells him Peggy wants him dead.

Phil later unties Archie makes him to climb into the pit which he is about to fill with concrete. Archie begs as Phil starts the cement mixer. He promises that if Phil lets him go, he will never come back, but Phil tells him that he deserves to die. Archie starts to sob as Phil begins to pour the mixture…

Max and Tanya are overjoyed when Lauren is cleared of attempted murder, but their relief is short-lived, as Lauren is found guilty of GBH with intent. Max is sure that Lauren will be sentenced to a jail term, but she is given a two-year supervision order instead and the family welcomes her home.

Phil is holding Archie hostage in The Arches and threatens to kill him. Phil makes Archie climb into the mechanics pit and says he’s going to fill it with concrete. Archie sobs as Phil gets the ‘concrete’, but Phil pours in water. Phil tells a relieved Archie that next time it will be real. Phil returns to the Vic and confesses to Peggy that he didn’t kill Archie. Peggy accuses him of letting her down.

Ricky warns Todd to keep away from Whitney. Todd is hesitant when Whitney visits him at the car lot, but they decide to go to the swings. Todd grabs Whitney around the waist when she nearly falls. Whitney freaks and runs off. Ricky discovers that Todd was telling the truth about the caterpillar incident and apologises and Todd and Whitney make up.

Also, Chelsea wonders if Theo ever really liked her; Charlie confronts Brenda about her ‘other man’.

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