Archie plots to get rid of Danielle

Janine crashes Archie’s stag do and entices him out for a private drink. She tells Archie that they are similar and could accomplish a lot together. When Janine goes to the bar, Archie steals her keys then meets up with Danielle.

Archie is tempted to do away with the troublesome Danielle, but he can’t bring himself to and instead takes her to Janine’s flat to talk. Archie tells Danielle that Ronnie wants nothing to do with her and he offers her money to leave Walford. Archie takes Danielle to the tube and is relieved as she leaves. But later, Danielle is back at the Vic…

Ronnie and Roxy organise an American Cheerleading theme for Peggy‘s hen night. Sal encourages a reluctant Peggy to join in the fun and she’s soon back to her old self when she dons an outfit and does a brilliant dance routine! Sal tells Peggy that the outfit Archie chose for her for the wedding is horrible and Peggy has food for thought.

Minty invites Manda to the wedding, but she doesn’t want an invite out of guilt. Garry feels bad and he and Dawn manage to get Minty and Manda together at R&R. Minty explains the misunderstanding and a delighted Manda agrees to go to the wedding after all.

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