Archie is unimpressed when he finds Janine seductively offering to work for Ian in return for dinner. Archie tells Janine that he thinks a subtler approach with Ian would produce better results. Archie tells Janine that he’s been obsessed with her ever since they met and he presents her with an engagement ring. Janine is stunned. Later, Ian visits Janine and she gets him drunk and they end up in the bedroom.

Whitney has done a runner, but Ryan finds her and takes her to his. Janine tells Pat and Pat takes her home. Bianca tells Whitney that they’re all her family, but Whitney feels lost. Tiffany gives Whitney her birthday present and Whitney gets upset. Meanwhile, Tony is worried that Whitney hasn’t called him and he flushes the incriminating SIM card from his phone down the toilet.

Jean tells Stacey that Bradley is back and asks her to come home, if just for a day visit but Stacey is hesitant. Stacey’s roommate Becca thinks it’s a bad idea. Jean asks Bradley to collect Stacey from the psychiatric unit. Bradley agrees and lies to Syd that he turned down Jean’s request.

Also, Max has a visit from the bailiffs.

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