Archie steps up the pressure on Sam

Janine brings a solicitor to see Archie to talk about divorcing Peggy, but Archie is more interested in the solicitor’s knowledge of criminal law. Archie introduces Sam to the solicitor, who tells her that her legal position is precarious. Archie encourages Sam to go on the run or face a stretch in jail and he’s annoyed when Sam insists she doesn’t want to lose her family again. In frustration, Archie’s next move is to tell Bianca that he saw Sam and Jack kissing and he’s smug when Bianca tells Ricky to confront Sam.

Phil tells Max he wants him to ring the loss adjustor to talk about the insurance money. Max tries to stall Phil, but Phil forces Max to confess that he ripped him off. Max finds Phil at his house talking to Tanya. Phil tells Max that unless he coughs up the money he’ll tell Tanya that Max has been committing fraud.

Libby visits Owen in prison. Owen tells Libby that Lucas was the one who grassed him up but she doesn’t believe him. Libby returns home and tells Lucas that Owen thinks he called the police on him. Lucas looks guilty and Libby realises that Owen was right.

Also, Roxy realises that Jack still loves Ronnie.

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