Archie struggles to silence Danielle

Danielle approaches Archie again about telling Peggy that she’s Ronnie‘s daughter and he repeats his lie that Ronnie is unstable and they need to keep it quiet for now. Peggy is out of hospital and agrees to give up the election to marry Archie, while Ronnie decides to come to the wedding. Archie discovers that his plans may be about to crumble when Danielle turns up and tells him that she’s going nowhere until her mother knows who she is…

Patrick finally meets the author of the book that Theo is researching, Tommy (Edward Woodward). Tommy talks to Patrick about his early life in London and Patrick is happy to answer his questions until he spots an old newspaper article in Tommy’s bag about a girl dying in a fire. Patrick suddenly turns and throws Tommy out.

Tanya is furious when Lauren’s foster carer Polly tells her that Max confronted her about Lauren and she tells Tanya to get Max to back off. Tanya confronts Max, but Abi supports her dad and accuses her of never telling them anything about Lauren. Tanya feels guilty and to make amends they sit down to a takeaway together.

Also, Jay puts his new school uniform money towards buying a suit for Billy.

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