Peggy instructs Sam to smarten herself up and enter the Miss Queen Vic competition. Stacey’s talent show turn is a strip, while Amira sings a romantic song to Syed. Sam makes a touching tribute to Peggy ‘the real Queen Vic’ and wins the competition. A guilty Ronnie stumps up the bail money and the Mitchells give Archie his cash back. Archie gives Janine a wad of cash and says he wants her to help bring down the Mitchells and take the Vic.

Tanya finds a packet of condoms in the Beale house and confronts Lucy and Peter, but they deny all knowledge. Peter confides in Bradley that he doesn’t know what to do about taking things further with Lauren. Tanya’s horrified when Ian gets home drunk and climbs into bed with her!

Bradley and Syd have decided to stay in Walford. Bradley insists it’s not where you are but who you’re with that makes you happy and he proposes to Syd. Bradley is upset when Syd tells him that marriage isn’t for her and storms off, but the couple make up and Bradley tells a delighted Noah that they’re staying in the Square.

Also, Bianca is worried about Sam’s return; Stacey goes home with Ryan.

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