Phil confronts Ian for selling out the Mitchells and Ben to Archie. A guilty Ian asks Archie if he can buy back the loan, but Janine insists that the loan is not for sale. Peggy visits Pat, who encourages Peggy to stand up to Archie and she returns with a new resolve and announces they’re having a Christmas party at the Vic. After a slow start the Vic starts to fill up.

Peggy and the girls are horrified when Ricky calls them outside and they see Peggy’s name as licensee being replaced by Archie’s. Archie and Janine arrive and Archie brandishes the legal paperwork and demands the family move out. Ronnie scuffles with Archie and Roxy shouts out that she’s pregnant. Ronnie goes for a lie down and doubles over in agony…

Jane confronts Christian about his affair with Syed and the possible consequences of his actions. Christian confesses that Syed called things off and Jane is relieved. Christian stuns Jane by revealing that he’s not ready to give up on Syed yet and he has bought plane tickets for them to start a new life in Barcelona.

Also, Bianca is upset when Pat reveals that she’s going to New Zealand for the Christmas holidays; Bradley looks for a job.