The Mitchells prepare for Archie’s funeral. Marsden spies on the Square residents to gauge their reactions as the funeral cortege arrives. At the cemetery Roxy has prepared a eulogy, but is too upset to read it and Peggy says a few words instead. Later, Peggy sneaks out of the wake and turns up at Archie’s grave and says she’s sorry. Marsden appears and asks Peggy what she’s sorry for. Meanwhile, Roxy and Ronnie are stunned when Danny turns up at the Vic and reveals that he’s their brother.

Bradley convinces Stacey to go to Archie’s funeral and comments that they can put it all behind them as soon as the funeral is over. Bradley is horrified when he sees Stacey spitting on Archie’s grave. Back in the Square Bradley and Stacey argue about her actions and Becca overhears. Bradley is alarmed when Becca later tells him she understands how Stacey feels.

Ryan tells Janine she should be visiting Pat as he’s heard that Pat is refusing to have a pacemaker fitted. Janine tries to flirt with Ryan, but he’s disgusted by her. Janine goes to the hospital and pushes past Ricky to get into Pat’s room. With all the commotion Pat has another funny turn and starts to hyperventilate.