Are Aaron and Ed over before they’ve begun?

So, Aaron and Ed are going out on a date. This is a big step for Aaron, but there’s something about Ed that Aaron likes. It’s not his timekeeping, though. Ed is late and an already nervous Aaron gets more nervous. Then Ed arrives and tells Aaron they’re going to a bar – Bar West. That’s where Aaron and Jackson used to go; where they had a lot of good times. And the staff hasn’t forgotten them. A barman tells Ed about Aaron and Jackson and suddenly hot Ed is blowing cold. Why didn’t Aaron tell him about Jackson? Because, says Aaron, it’s not the sort of thing you talk about on a first date! And he walks away.

It looks to Declan as if Zak has walked away from his job at Home Farm. Declan has seen Zak doing nothing when he should have been working and tells Sam that Zak is sacked. But Sam has also seen Zak during the day and it’s clear that Zak’s not capable of working – he’s confused and upset.

Zak’s not the only confused Dingle. Debbie’s feelings for Cameron are all mixed up – and so are Chas’s! Debbie convinces Cameron that she doesn’t care when he tells her he’s going back to Jersey, but Chas is less convincing when she tries to pretend she’s not attracted to Cameron.