Adam and Jessica drift even further apart following the funeral of baby Harry. This week they are both back and work, desperately trying to pretend everything is fine, but the cracks in their relationship are beginning to show.

When Jessica bumps into her long-lost nursing pal, Linda, old emotions are stirred. The grieving mum makes a rash decision to leave Adam and Holby and go to America with Linda – who is pregnant – and her surviving children Amelia and Lucas!

At the end of their shift Jessica breaks the news to Adam.

Dixie is delighted when her father, Arthur, turns up out of the blue but saddened when he tells her some unexpected news. When Arthur sees Dixie and Jeff sharing a joke together and tells Dixie he’s glad she has a supportive boyfriend, something stops her from correcting his mistake.

Elsewhere, elderly patient Mrs Bullock, meanwhile, is brought into the ED distressed and disorientated by a disturbing vision of a clown. Jeff and Dixie realize her condition is a result of drinking too many caffeine energy drinks.

Meanwhile, it’s the day the F2s find out their exam results and Noel holds firm as they each try to wheedle the results out of him. When the results are finally revealed Lenny, Yuki and May are the only junior doctors to have passed their examinations. May, who cheated, scores highest.