Imogen’s surprised to learn Amber and Daniel have agreed not to talk about the baby. Later, Daniel summons Amber and reveals a love-heart montage of all the good times they’ve had together. But it only reminds them that their love has faded – and when Amber gives Daniel back the ring, it’s clear their love story is over.

Mary explains that her relationship with Paige’s father John fell apart following his confession that Paige was stolen. She tried to make amends and find Paige’s birth parents – but the trail went cold. She wanted Paige then – and she wants her now. Paige rages against this new truth but, encouraged by Terese, Lauren finds it in her heart to see Mary’s dilemma and urges her to stay for Paige’s sake.

Reeling after Tyler’s outburst, Karl struggles to understand where it came from, until Brennan pleads him to give Tyler another chance, intimating that his issues with their father were the trigger. Apologising to Tyler for his mistaken accusation, Karl invites him to stay and proceeds to begin digging into his relationship with his father.