Are Ben and Kathy in danger?

Ben gives Kathy money to save Phil, following Kathy when she heads to the park to meet with Gavin. Before Kathy can send Ben away, Gavin arrives. Telling Ben that he and Kathy will soon be leaving Walford, Gavin also makes it clear he wants more money. Back at the Mitchells’, Kathy insists to Ben that she has to leave to keep everyone safe. Not wanting to lose his mum again, Ben says he’ll leave with her.

Shabnam is shocked when Fiona visits, suggesting she needs more time to grieve for Zaair before taking on another child. Furious that Fiona knows about their son, she heads to Blades to accuse Dean of telling Fiona. Forced to step in, Kush admits it was him. Despite her initial anger, Shabnam agrees Kush is right about waiting. Later, Shabnam visits Jade.

Nancy insists she doesn’t want a fuss on her birthday, but Elaine encourages Tamwar to do something special. Later on, Tamwar surprises Nancy with a romantic gesture.

Meanwhile, Roxy starts work at Blades, soon clashing with Dean, who lashes out and cuts a chunk out of her hair. Feeling guilty, Dean tries to make things up to Roxy by giving her a new haircut.