April confronts Liam at the rehab centre where he’s ended up. She tells him that it wasn’t good enough just leaving her a note, he needs to explain to her why he left. April tells Bianca that she found Liam in rehab. Bianca finally decides to go and see him, but once she’s there, Liam tells her that he doesn’t want to see her any more.

John is concerned about Gina after he hears she’s planning on camping with Vanessa in the National Park. He and Xavier plan a rescue mission but end up bogging their car in transit. On their way back from a picnic lunch, Gina and Vanessa spot the men struggling with their car and they end up being the ones coming to the rescue.

Colleen is struggling to concentrate at work when Keith arrives to try and speak to her. Colleen doesn’t want to see him and tries to ignore him. But when she finally agrees to sit down and talk, Keith explains himself. Colleen makes a decision about her future.