Are Billy and Honey finished?

Billy promises Honey that he will never deceive her again and they seem to be back on track. But Billy is horrified when he discovers he still has the envelope of money he put aside for Jase. Honey is devastated when she comes across the cash, assuming Billy meant to keep it. Honey packs her bags, takes the kids and leaves a devastated Billy and Walford.

Suzy confronts Phil in the Vic and tells him that she will leave him unless he finds her gold bar. Shirley panics that Phil has fallen off the wagon when she sees him pouring himself a whisky. Shirley returns the gold bar to Phil and tells him to make things up with Suzy. In the corner, a watching Suzy is smug that her ploy with Phil to get Shirley to return the gold bar has worked!

Phil phones Max to tell him that he can’t do what he wants. Max wants another way to bring down Jack and he steals a file of Jack’s marked ‘Penny’ from a pile of Ronnie’s paperwork. Max finds a cutting about Penny’s accident inside, as well as a contacts list and a key.

Also, Callum asks out a flattered Danielle in the hope of making Stacey jealous.

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