Paige makes it clear to Brennan that he treated her poorly by kissing Dakota. Later, Sonya makes Brennan realise that he isn’t as fully committed to this relationship. He returns to break up with Paige but Paige, sniffing the wind, gets in first and ends it. She’s heartbroken but moves into Lassiters, where Terese sees an opportunity – get Paige in her house and Brad won’t be constantly at the Turners. She asks Paige to move in.

Josh speaks to the Erinsborough High students about his king-hit experience, and Chris does the same – moving the students as he talks about his battles with his brain injury. Chris then tells Josh that Amber was the one who gave him the courage to do it. From the look Josh gives Amber, it’s clear he’s still in love with her.

Kyle and Georgia role-play in Lassiters. After lying to Sheila that their flight has been delayed, Georgia plays the exotic temptress and Kyle the naïve bellboy. They know they have to return to reality eventually, but they make the most of every minute before they do.