Are Cain and Moira back on track? (VIDEO)

When Cain reveals that he’s offered to pay Andy a lump sum and keep his job open if he drops legal action against Butler’s Farm, Moira  takes this to be a sign that her husband still cares for her and that they can get their marriage back on track. But it’s not long before her hopes of a reconciliation are dashed…

As Laurel reels from the shock of finding out about Donna’s terminal illness, Laurel gets another shock when Donna asks her to be April’s mum. Meanwhile, as Marlon struggles to come to terms with the news, Paddy calls in at The Woolpack to check on him. But when
conversation turns to Donna, will Marlon be able to keep it together or will he fall apart?

With Daz impressing everyone by completing a 10K run and helping David with the security at his shop, Dan feels like he’s living in his brother’s shadow.
However, he soon gets one up on show-off Daz when he brags that footage of his marriage proposal has made it online. Meanwhile, after spending the night with Adam, Leyla’s furious to discover he only slept with her because he had nowhere to stay!