Are Chris’s symptoms cause for concern?

Mrs Tembe reminds Chris of his appointment with Heston but, gripped with nerves, Chris locks himself in the nurses’ room. When Chris finally sees Heston, he admits he has a lump on his testicle and reveals his grandfather died of testicular cancer. Heston examines him and says he’ll refer him for an ultrasound – the lump could just be a cyst. But Chris is sure it’s bad news, he deserves it. Heston asks why he thinks that but when Chris mentions his dad Heston then claims it’s none of his business, nervous of what he’ll reveal.

Meanwhile, Mandy visits new patient Jess, who is morbidly obese. As Mandy treats Jess’s sores she gets on well with the girl and her mother Vanessa… until she spots the food in their cupboards and tells Vanessa that all of Jess’s health issues are caused by her weight and her unhealthy diet. When Vanessa cries, Mandy says she’ll help them but needs to find out how their previous surgery tried to treat the problem. Vanessa claims the GPs there were evil, they grassed her up to social services and now they want to take Jess away. They both beg Mandy for help.

Also, Emma comes face to face with an irate Women’s Studies tutor who insists Emma confirm the authenticity of her student’s illness. The tutor is suspicious the student is perfectly healthy but attempting to hide a dirty secret…