Spencer’s released, but Cindy’s furious and launches a verbal attack on him in the village. Darren’s there to console her and reminds her of the good times they had while they were together. However, Cindy makes it clear that her priority at the moment is Holly. Darren isn’t the only one to be rejected by Cindy, she later tells Tony that she isn’t sure she can continue with their marriage.

Gaz is on a mission to win Lauren back and uses his hold over Anita to help. As Newt and Theresa try to help Lauren come to terms with the break up, Anita can think of nothing but Gaz’s threats.

Gaz corners Anita later with a final threat. Realising he’s capable of anything, Anita tells Lauren she lied about Gaz’s threats. Lauren goes to find Gaz and apologises for doubting him. Gaz tells Lauren he’ll forgive her on one condition and offers her a rather unsettling ultimatum.

Also; Duncan turns to Darren for advice on how to seduce Suzanne. Darren suggests he feigns illness and Duncan pulls out an Oscar winning performance. But she’s fully aware what’s going on and decides to play him at his own game.

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