Are Dex and April moving on?

Both April and Dex are confused about what their break really means but reality soon hits as Dex hits it off with sassy nurse Steph while April takes a shine to lecturer Jake. Enthusiastic about his views on bedside manner, April invites Jake for coffee and when Dex sees them together he’s obviously unhappy. Later, April comes across Dex and Steph at the diner and, feeling uncomfortable, makes a quick exit.

Casey and Tamara are over the moon when Brax shows them new living space he’s converted for them. Meanwhile, Kyle heads off to meet the lawyers to discuss his future. When he returns he has good news: he doesn’t have to go to court and has been put on a good behaviour bond. He thanks Casey and Tamara for changing their statements and Casey suggests they all look forward instead of back. Tamara, however, starts to realise that Kyle is viewing their relationship as more than just a friendship.

Romeo insists he’s not ready to tell Indi and will stay off his chemotherapy treatment until then, to Sid’s annoyance. Sid pleads with Liam to make Romeo see sense but his words trigger Liam to change his own life. He repays the money he stole from Brax and tells Romeo he can’t rely on him for support – he’s leaving Summer Bay.