Are Donna and Fatboy an item?

Donna is happy the morning after the night before to realise Fatboy hasn’t done a runner. When Fatboy admits to Tamwar that he sees Donna as just a friend, Tamwar suggests Fatboy take Donna for a drink to see how they get on. After a misunderstanding, Donna realises that Fatboy isn’t interested in her romantically. Upset, Donna goes to find comfort from Claudette, only to find Les in the living room in his underpants!

Martin’s excitement over his plan to get an allotment is dampened when he gets confirmation that his divorce has been finalised. To cheer up Martin, Stacey and Kush turn to Patrick for help, surprising Martin with the allotment that Arthur used to own. Meanwhile, Shabnam takes Jade to the park, but is spotted by a concerned Stacey.

Vincent is caught between Ronnie and Kim, frustrated that he can’t see more of Ronnie. When they come up with a plan, Ronnie offers to help Sharon and Kim at the Albert, much to Kim’s annoyance.

Also, Kathy ignores Gavin’s calls as she and Ben have an idea how to get Gavin more money so they can save Phil.