Cain Dingle never usually makes a court appearance unless he’s cuffed and dragged in by the law. Any unforced visit by a man with his criminal character is tempting fate and could have nasty consequences. But knowing what he knows about Ryan – that he’s innocent – makes Cain feel obliged to put in a voluntary appearance by way of support. Which is how we get the unexpected scene of Cain and Faye sitting next to each other when Ryan pleads “not guilty” to the charge of murder. Nasty Nathan is also watching and smirks with satisfaction when Ryan is refused bail. But Cain has his eye on Nathan.

Aaron and Adam have their eye on Holly, convinced that she’s getting high on more than pure life. While Holly sleeps, Adam decides to go through her handbag, to see if she’s carrying more than you would expect of a nice young woman. But Holly wakes up and catches him – ah, so, she wasn’t stoned out of her mind… Keep watching, though, Adam.

Andy needs to watch himself. The ugly, angry side of him is reappearing because he can’t get Adele all to himself. Is this another relationship he’s going to ruin?

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