Lauren’s troubled after sleeping with Gaz and confides in Cheryl. The girls go for lunch, but Gilly arrives and Cheryl quickly casts Lauren aside. Fed up, Lauren goes home and when Gaz bumps in to her, she blurts out that she knows she was his first. They sleep together again and bemoan the fact that everyone is on their case. Gaz suggests they fleece Spencer of his cash and run away.

Duncan gets a call from a TV producer, his sixteenth birthday party will be featured on a reality show. Duncan goes to tell Ricky, but the boys fall out, leaving Ricky alone to cope with his dad.

Gilly wants to get his relationship with Jem back on track. However, when Jem finds Gilly and Cheryl in a compromising position, a reconciliation is put on hold. Gilly convinces Jem that they’re meant to be together and he will do anything to make it work.

Also; Nancy has to broach the delicate subject of Des urinating on her bed last night and it’s clear he doesn’t remember anything about it. When he mocks her for looking rough in the morning, Nancy tells him exactly what he did. Des begs Nancy not to say anything to Jacqui.

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