Are Hannah’s problems really over?

Hannah tries to forget the past by giving herself a dramatic new look. When Sarah visits to check she’s OK, she doesn’t notice how distracted Hannah is, while she rants about Craig and John-Paul. The girls then get a surprise and unwanted visitor before Hannah stuns everyone by suddenly passing out.

She finally comes round but her attempts to prove she’s not starving herself only cause further concern for Suzanne and Sarah. Sarah and Suzanne’s suspicions are confirmed when they find where Hannah has been stashing her meals.

While Max tortures himself over Clare, OB tries to distract him by asking what’s going on with Steph. OB realises that the events of the past few months have left Max a shadow of his former self and wonders if Max’s confidence with women will ever return.

Knowing that Frankie is finding it hard to deal with Craig’s departure, Myra offers a truce, but soon realises Frankie doesn’t know the whole story about their sons.

Also, Frankie thinks Steph protests too much when she asks if she fancies Max…