Marilyn and Indi chat at John’s birthday party, and share their hopes that Sid and Roo will get back together. But when Harvey shows up, Roo invites him to join them. Sid’s chances look scuppered. Harvey pointedly tells Sid he needs to back off and accept that Roo is with him now. A concerned Sid warns Roo that she’s making a big mistake.

Sid bans Sasha from the party, until Dex volunteers to be her chaperone. Ruby asks April to come so she won’t feel awkward if Casey shows up. April agrees to go, for moral support. Dex is elated to see April there, but is caught between trying to get closer to her, and worrying about Sasha… particularly when he sees the topless photo of her on Stu’s phone. April goes home angry, and Dex looks on helplessly as Sasha gets into a car full of drunken River Boys.

Casey makes it to the Year 12 party, but he mistakenly thinks Ruby is flirting with Xavier. He starts kissing Summer to make her jealous. Later, he comes to his senses and tells Ruby he loves her. He asks her to wait for him if he goes to prison. Ruby tells him she’ll wait for him for ever.