John rushes after Marilyn who tells him she needs to leave Summer Bay to pursue her travel dreams. Later, Chris convinces John to fight for Marilyn. Taking his advice, John decides to book Marilyn a plane ticket making her ecstatic. When John tells her she’s leaving that night, she asks if they can renew their wedding vows!

Olivia drives a nervous VJ to The Diner and gives him hope that there might be something between them. When they return to the car park, they find a dent in Leah’s car. They grab some paint from the bait shop, but Alf catches them in the act!

Marilyn and John handpick Alf to conduct their ceremony. Yet things don’t go smoothly when a drunken Kat turns up and hands Nate all his stuff back. She becomes more abusive and Ash has to carry her outside. Later, she decides to apologise to Ricky and Nate, but she soon accuses him of manipulating her and decides to open a bottle of wine.