Kate’s shaken after her brush with Sienna, but is still avoiding Brennan. Meanwhile, Paul pushes Brennan to leave Erinsborough and Brennan backs off. Chris suggests all Kate’s recent problems stem from the fact that she’s felt lost ever since Brennan left her the first time. Kate’s confused but Paul warns her off Brennan, reminding Kate of all the heartache he’s caused her. However, Kate finally lays her heart on the line to Brennan. She loves him and wants to try again. They’re back on.

Josh is convinced Amber wants to dump him now he’s no longer an Olympic hopeful, unaware she’s actually pulling away because of the family secret she’s hiding. Guilty about his son’s misapprehension, Brad checks in with Amber and confirms her real reasons for avoiding Josh. He then goes to Terese and although she’s reluctant, they finally both agree they’ll tell their kids tonight.

Imogen knows something is wrong between her parents and is troubled by Amber’s stand-offish behaviour with both herself and Josh. She finally corners Bailey and Callum demanding they tell her what’s going on. Bailey reluctantly does – revealing Brad and Lauren had a baby together. Imogen is stunned.