Kat suddenly gets pains and tells Alfie the babies might be on their way. Ever the opportunist, Alfie takes her into a children’s shop, hoping that if her waters break they’ll get some freebies! It’s soon apparent that it’s another false alarm, so Alfie returns to the market, only to discover Aleks has given his pitch away. When Aleks finds out that Alfie has gone to his boss, he calls a truce, but secretly plans retribution. Alfie’s dealt another surprise when Jean turns up with Lily!

Ian is unnerved when Keeble turns up and asks him to do a TV appeal, as the investigation has stalled and they need to kick-start things. He reluctantly agrees, unsure whether it’s the right thing to do. When the cafe is short-staffed, Ian is grateful when Liam comes to the rescue. Ian’s day takes a turn for the worse when Rainie arrives in the Square asking for more money.

To mark the centenary of the start of World War I Dot has arranged a ceremony, with Lee in his full army regalia lowering the flag. Whitney is proud of her man, finally confessing to Bianca that they’re seeing each other.

Also, Mick hides his nerves from the family ahead of his sponsored swim.