Kyle and Phoebe are forced to address their relationship issues when Kyle reacts angrily to finds out she and Matt are songwriting partners. Phoebe asks Matt if she can put the song on her website but he insults her music. This results in Kyle viciously attacking Matt. Feeling guilty, Phoebe apologises to Matt and admits to Denny she wanted to make Kyle jealous. She also tells Kyle his violent outburst has no place in their relationship.

Watching Denny and Casey’s affectionate display at Marilyn’s bridal boot camp, Roo tells Denny she may be the next person to walk down the aisle. Embarrassed, Denny leaves the gym quickly, leaving Casey thinking. He finds her and tells her that they will get married one day – leaving her elated.

Also, John gets Shandi and the family together for dinner. However, things turn sour when Shandi brands Marilyn overbearing, leaving everyone stunned.