When Lenny and Darren visit a corner shop, they are taken aback when the owner starts acting threateningly towards them. Thinking there is something suspicious about how menacing they were, Lenny becomes swept up in the school’s Resilience Programme.

The students are being taught about the importance of vigilance – or as George describes it – ‘no guts, no glory’.

With this sentiment ringing in his ears, Lenny decides to take action. He believes that the shop is a front for criminal activity, and asks Darren to help him on a stake out. But it turns out that their meddling and involvement has been misplaced, and only proves to highlights the dangers of prejudice and wannabe heroism.

There’s trouble in store for George as well, as his mother Marjorie causes him headaches when he comes to visit. Although he’s in a new flush of love with Carol, his mother’s arrival threatens to put a halt to their budding romance.

She wastes no time in nsulting everyone with her superior attitude and sharp tongue. But it seems like she has met her match in Carol.

Meanwhile, Barry Barry returns to Waterloo Road. And he’s not going to leave without a fight.